Duqm Refinery is a joint venture between OQ and Kuwait Petroleum International. Each hold a 50% interest in the refinery.

OQ is a commercial company wholly owned by the Government of the Sultanate of Oman. The Company was incorporated in 1996 to pursue investment opportunities in the energy sector, both inside and outside Oman. Through participation in energy and energy-related projects, the Company plays an important role in the Sultanate’s efforts to diversify the Omani economy and to promote Omani and foreign private sector investment.

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KPI (Kuwait Petroleum International Limited) - Duqm Refinery Oman

KPI (Kuwait Petroleum International Limited) a company organized and existing under the laws of England, was established in 1983, as the international downstream arm of KPC (Kuwait Petroleum Corporation) and is recognized as one of the world’s top ten energy conglomerates. Kuwait Petroleum International, known by the trademark Q8, refines and markets fuels, lubricants and other petroleum derivatives outside Kuwait. Its main activities are focused on Europe and the Far East.

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Oman – Kuwait partnership in Duqm Refinery

We come together today in this happy occasion to celebrate our historic long-standing brotherly relationship that links Kuwait with Sultanate of Oman

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