Mega Refinery Project Oman

Duqm Refinery and Petrochemical Industries Company L.L.C is a Joint Venture (JV) between OQ owned by the Government of the Sultanate of Oman and Kuwait Petroleum International (KPI) owned by the Government of Kuwait.

The project is located in a strategic location on the South East Coast of Oman in Duqm, Al Wusta region of Oman. Occupying an allocated 900 hectares of land, the refinery will have the capacity to produce 230,000 BPD to become the largest oil refinery in Oman. Duqm refinery includes more than 30 main processing units that are able to produce more than 20 petroleum and petrochemical products required for the production of various consumer and specialty goods, in addition to the raw materials needed in various chemical industries. The primary products include Naphtha, Pet Coke, Sulphur, Diesel and Jet fuel.

Duqm Oil Refinery Construction

The first major milestone achieved in the timeline of Duqm refinery is the feasibility study completed in March 2011. The site preparation, of the new refinery project was carried out by Galfar Contracting Co during 2015-2016. On April 2018 Duqm refinery signed deals with EPC contractors to mark the successful beginning of its new oil refinery construction.

The below infographic is regularly updated with details and interesting facts about the Duqm Refinery project.

  • project-completion

    Project completion

  • workers

    (Direct Manpower only EPC1/2/3)

  • equipment

    Equipment deployed

    EPC1 = 57,506 Tons
    EPC2= 315 Numbers
    EPC3= 3,300 Tons
  • concrete-poured

    Concrete Poured

    ,484 m3
  • structural-steel

    Structural Steel

    ,114 Tons

Duqm refinery ICV:

The Duqm Refinery ICV programme aims at maximizing the economic benefits for the local community and businesses during the construction phase. Their In-Country Value programme in Oman also seeks to increase the number of its beneficiaries and boost the economic and social development in Al Wusta, and the entire country. The programme promotes the local supply chain by targeting local Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises. The programme empowers the Omani youth by providing opportunities for training, development, and employment in line with technical specializations needed in the project.

With all the best features added in, Duqm refinery is taking shape to become the biggest refinery in Oman upon its completion. The new oil refinery is being constructed with a vision to be recognized as a world-class refinery business, dedicated to delivering outstanding oil products to customers around the world, and in turn, fuelling economic growth in the Duqm area as well as making a significant contribution to Oman’s future prosperity.

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