In Country Value Programmes

Our ‘In Country Value’ (ICV) programmes will promote the development of Small Medium Enterprises (SME), among other objectives. Our ultimate goal is to help to create jobs, develop skills and encourage local suppliers for the overall development of the local economy.


We also welcome input from the community, and have created dedicated channels to allow for continuous engagement with stakeholders. In this way we will ensure that our CSR programmes bear fruit and meet all the stakeholder’s expectations.

Our future programmes aim for long-term sustainable development that will gradually and consistently add value to the local communities by building the capacity of local human capital.

Duqm Refinery has made a firm commitment to the policy of Omanisation and to this end Omani nationals will be given every opportunity to obtain employment at the refinery.

Training and development programmes have been put in place to assist those who are interested in a career in petrochemical engineering or a related field to obtain the necessary qualifications.

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