Duqm Refinery launches “the Science of a Refinery” program in Duqm

Under the patronage of His Excellency Sheikh Mohsin Bin Hamad Al Maskary, Wali of Duqm, Duqm Refinery officially launched The ‘Science of a Refinery’ program. The program aims to instill an interest in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) subjects amongst school students in Duqm and the surrounded areas.

The chief guest and other dignitaries witnessed school children being introduced to the working of a refinery in theory and then through classroom based experiments learn the core fundamentals of chemistry, physics and engineering and relate this to various processes involved in refining.

“The Science of a Refinery” program is developed by Duqm Refinery in partnership with Engineering for Kids – Oman Branch, a venture that inspires children in STEM subjects and brings about an interest for these subjects in a fun and inspiring way that complement and enrich the existing school curriculum. The program is delivered in partnership with Directorate General of Education in Al Wusta Region. The program is to run for three days through a total of 24 interactive workshops delivered in six schools in Wilayat of Duqm with the aims to impact 500 students aged 8 to 14 enrolled in grades 2 to 8.  The program has been deployed in Bahr Al Arab School, Duqm School, Dahar School, Ras Madraka School, Shumookh School and Haitam School.

Commenting on the Program, His Excellency Sheikh Mohsin Bin Hamad Al Maskary, the Wali of Duqm said “It was great to see children working on hands on experiments and be so excited and curious about subjects such as chemistry and physics”, he further added: “through such initiatives we hope to see students inspired to become future Scientists and Engineers and give back what they have learnt and contribute to the development of Duqm and the sultanate.”

“Commencement of the Refinery’s operation will create hundreds of technical jobs for people living in and around Duqm, we hope that such an initiative inspires young generations to study STEM subjects while in higher education and train themselves to work in technical areas on the Refinery project” said Nas-ha Al Fallahi, General Manager of Corporate Affairs at Duqm Refinery.

Graduate Engineers and other employees at Duqm Refinery are volunteering their time to this initiative, assisting in the live experiments and speaking to students about Engineering and Sciences as future career paths that students can choose.

“Through such a program we aim to support education’s sector efforts in the sultanate and inspire the next generation of students and build interest for STEM subjects” said Jasim Al Ajmi, Corporate Communication and CSR Manager at Duqm Refinery. He added: “through exposing young children to the wonders of science and engineering at a young age, we hope to inspire in them the need or want to further study or specialize in these subjects in the future”.

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