Duqm Refinery organizes a poetry recital evening in Duqm

Duqm Refinery, on 16 December 2016 organized a poetry recital evening in Duqm at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, Duqm to celebrate Oman’s 46 National Day. The poetry recital was held under the patronage of HE Sheikh Tahir Bin Mabkhoot Al Junaibi, member of the Shura council and representative of Wilayat of Duqm.

Key local poets participated in the event, Bader Al Junaibi and Said bin Yasir Al Junaibi along with national popular poets. The poetry night was facilitated by Mazin Al Hadabi who manage the event and participated next to the distinguished poets: Kamil Al Bathari, Faisal Al Farsi, Humood bin Whga, and Ali Al Ghanbousi. The event witnessed the participation of over 400 people from the local community.

“It is one of our mandate at Duqm Refinery to help preserve local heritage and culture” said Nas-ha Al Fallahi, General Manager Corporate Affairs. She further added, “Poetry and its recitation has always been a part of the local culture, we recognize this and have created an avenue for young people to express their gratitude towards their land, their nation and their leader through poetry.”

“We are continuously engaging with local people of Duqm and realize how passionate they are about poetry, in fact their passion has been a key driver to facilitate a poetry recital evening in Duqm. This initiatives is part of our community engagement program through which we aim to maximize the engagement with the local community to discuss and exchange views around various matters that contribute to the development of the community and building its capacity” said Jasim Hassan Al Ajmi, Corporate Communication and CSR Manager.

Duqm Refinery is active in delivering CSR activities and engaging diverse communities in Duqm. This year alone they have along with partners delivered several programs. Important amongst these were: a ‘Science of a Refinery’ program that aimed at inspiring school children to take a special interest in STEM subjects, Marefa a program that addressed upskilling local job seekers and employees alike from the Al Wusta region and under Wadha, Duqm Refinery renewed several skills development programs for local women.

All of these programs had the Sawaed initiative embedded in it. Sawaed is a staff volunteering program developed by Duqm Refinery. It encourages employees of Duqm Refinery to volunteer their time to support the various CSR initiatives and give back to the community of Duqm.

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