Duqm Refinery’s Second Summer Leadership Program in UK Kicked off Today

Muscat: Duqm Refinery is organizing the second Summer Leadership Program in UK for outstanding students in the Governorate of Al Wusta schools for the second year in a row. This program continues on its success of last year’s leadership and communication skills program which was positively received by the participants. The one month long summer camp is organized in collaboration with the Ministry of Education. This initiative is a part of Duqm Refinery youth capacity development program which aims at empowering Omani youth and uplift their skills and to motivate them to achieve more from life

The students already travelled to the United Kingdom to attend a month long intensive courses in developing English language and leadership skills along with learning on new cultures. The summer camp itself prepares students with life skills and encourages them to be self-reliant and independent. Furthermore, the Summer Camp also features trips to historical and cultural attractions that would facilitate their understanding of new cultures.

This year, the program will include additional students from Al Wusta governorate schools including participation of female students. An estimated 20 students will be making the trip to the United Kingdom. Students will be under the supervision of officials from the Ministry of Education who will be travelling with them.

On this occasion, Jasim Hassan Al Ajmi, Head of Corporate Sustainability at Duqm Refinery said “We are committed to create a positive impact on the lives of young people from the Al Wusta community and Oman. We have a holistic approach in mind when wanting to further develop these outstanding students. This is to make sure they not only have good grades while applying for further studies but also have the necessary life skills that would encourage them to be self-reliant and independent in the future.”

To prepare the students for this program, a one-week induction program was conducted in Muscat to prepare the students for the program in UK and inform them about British culture and how to benefit from the courses that are offered.

Worth mentioning that Duqm Refinery youth capacity building initiatives includes the Marefa initiative which aims at the development of entrepreneur skills with the provision of a series of training workshops for local SME’s. Last year, Duqm Refinery collaborated with Outwardbound Oman to deliver leadership courses for students from the Governorate of Al Wusta. The leadership courses included a number of sessions on how to deal with various challenges in life and how to become an effective leader. Also, the program offered challenging outdoor experience through activities whereby young people can raise their self-esteem and realize their full potential.

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