Duqm Refinery announces Scholarships for Omani students

Duqm Refinery has announced 100 local and 10 international scholarships to be awarded to deserving Omani students over the next two academic years. The scholarships are funded by Duqm Refinery as part of its contractors commitment to developing in-country value. Duqm Refinery has assigned the management of the scholarship program to Takatuf Oman. As part of its scope, for the national scholarships, Takatuf Oman is to shortlist and filter candidates through various written tests and interviews and place them in undergraduate programs at reputed local and international colleges/universities.

Students who are currently enrolled in grade 11 are invited to register for the international scholarships. These are extremely competitive scholarships on offer to exceptionally bright students who Takatuf Oman will test and shortlist from a pool of candidates across Oman. If shortlisted, candidates will be invited to join an ‘Enrichment program’ that takes place in Oman.

To find out more details on our scholarships please click here.

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