As part of Duqm Refinery’s CSR programs; launch of Marefa, a skills development and training initiative

Duqm Refinery kicked off the first workshop on ‘improving communication skills’ in Duqm under the platform of Marefa; a CSR initiative of Duqm Refinery. Under this initiative a series of workshops that address the need to develop essential work related skills and focused training programs are to be delivered in Duqm. The workshops are targeted at job seekers, private and government sector employees who reside in Al Wusta region. This initiative and its programs has been developed in partnership with local agencies who are experienced in facilitating youth development programs.

Duqm Refinery promotes activities that creates in country value. Thus, through training programs, the company aims to create and deliver programs that will help grow a skilled workforce that will further drive economic growth in the region. This initiative is designed around two key strategic objectives. The short term objective is to build the knowledge capacity of the communities, enable them to use this knowledge to take advantage of upcoming opportunities and accordingly contribute to the development and prosperity of their communities.

The long term objective of this initiative is to help local entrepreneurs create sustainable businesses in the region and not only create job opportunities for locals but also assist job seekers to search and apply for meaningful jobs in and around their home towns.

40 candidates from all Wusta region participated in the first workshop on ‘improving communication skills’. The workshop will continue for two days at the Crowne Plaza Hotel Duqm.

The workshop content will be delivered to the audience in an interactive and communicative style. This will have the participants actively engaged with the topics instead of being passive listeners.

Jasim Hassan Al Ajmi, CSR and Corporate Communication Manager at Duqm Refinery commented that: “the provision of education and training opportunities for the youth in Al Wusta region, specifically in Duqm makes up a key cornerstone of Duqm Refinery’s CSR agenda”.  He further added “we are committed to help develop skill sets of local communities, so they too can play an active role in helping develop the local economy and achieve prosperity”.

Khalid Bin Ibrahim Al Junaibi, a government sector employee in Duqm and a participant in the workshop commented: “I am happy to be part of this workshop which I found had a good balance of practical exercises as well as theory”. He further added, “I hope to attend the other workshops as well, so that I can enhance my skills and be in a better position to develop my community and country”.

Duqm Refinery will continue deliver a series of workshops over the next few months. Along with the workshops key guest speakers will also be showcased who would be invited to speak on related topics. Interested candidates from the Al Wusta region can register for future workshops via Duqm Refinery’s website or through their social media channels.

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