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Education & Training Marefa

Marefa is an initiative of Duqm Refinery that aims at providing skills development and training opportunities for job seekers, government and private sector employees.

This initiative is in partnership with local agencies who are experienced in facilitating youth development programs. The training programs aim to address:

  • Improvement of communication skills
  • Development of leadership abilities
  • Increase project management skills
  • Effective CV writing and job seeking skills
  • Embracing change

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Marefa - An Initiative by Duqm Refinery

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Hands on practical exercises

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Participants receive certificates

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Workshops aim at upskilling participants

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Workshops delivered by industry experts

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Science of a Refinery

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Members of Duqm Refinery staff volunteered their time to set up a kindergarten for children at Omani Women Association in Duqm

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