The Program Concept:

Participants in the second version of Marefa program will share/exchange knowledge in areas of entrepreneurship, in a series of workshops which will be divided into groups to gain skills, enhance and develop their abilities with the actual practice of skills.

Expected Program Outcomes:

  • Spreading the culture of entrepreneurship.
  • Establishing small and medium-sized enterprises and enhancing the current ones.

Registration Form

Terms of participation:

  1. The participant has to be from Al Wusta region.
  2. The participant has to be from the following categories:
    • Job seeker
    • Expected university graduate (final year)
    • Entrepreneur (has a running company and has the desire to enhance and develop their abilities)
  3. The participant has to have a business idea which will serve the people of Al Wusta.

Note: Registration is valid till 13th September 2018
For more information please contact:

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