Further training and development

Duqm Refinery views our employees as our greatest asset and in this light we are committed to developing a highly professional and competent workforce.


We very much encourage our employees to engage in professional development programmes and seize opportunities that may arise for Continuing Professional Development (CPD) so that they may further develop their skills in their chosen professions. We believe this can only benefit both employees and the refinery in the long run. To assist in these endeavours, we have established relationships with a number of key local and international institutes in the educational and vocational sectors.

Secondments onto key projects and to partner organisations are another key feature of our development programmes. This is undertaken in order so that our employees may be exposed to international working conditions and valuable on-the-job experience that will help them to perform more effectively, wherever the job takes them.

To keep up with best practices and to meet the needs of our organisation and our people, we are committed to reviewing our training and development programmes on an annual basis.

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